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A Word From Our Founder

Thank you for visiting our website and for the interest that you have shown in potentially owning your own Instant Cleaning Franchise. With our support I am confident that you can go on to build a sustainable and lucrative business. Our website is designed to take you on a journey which will hopefully answer most of the questions that you may have about Instant Cleaning, the market for our services and the UK franchise market as a whole. It is designed to give you information and not to ‘sell’ to you. The decision and timescale for you progressing with your interest will always be up to you. Visiting our website is merely the initial step on a journey that could change your future. I hope that you find the contents both interesting and informative.

Foligar Lang


Managing Director

Our History

Instant Cleaning was first established as a business in the UK in 2012. Founded by Cameroonian entrepreneur Foligar Lang, Instant Cleaning now supply experienced cleaning operatives to sites throughout the UK. It was this national demand for the service that provided the impetus to offer a franchise opportunity to prospective business owners.

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The Cleaning Sector

The cleaning industry is a well established and profitable business sector within the UK. It would be difficult to think of any aspect of life where cleaning, in some shape or form, wasn’t required.

Key Industry Facts

All Statistics via Warwick University & British Cleaning Council

The demand for cleaning is perceived as being less subject to the economic downturn than other sectors as cleaning is, in most cases, not a choice but a necessity for the good of one’s health and wellbeing. The contract cleaning industry is thriving with an estimated turnover of around £5.6 billion annually.

The demand for domestic cleaning is on the increase as more people are working longer hours. This is often referred to as the “Cash Rich Time Poor” society where many individuals would rather spend their limited time on enjoyable pursuits as opposed to cleaning and are willing to pay in order to achieve this aim.

All of the above information attests to the fact that there is a consistent long term demand for the services offered by Instant Cleaning. Both these facts are important factors to take into consideration when starting any new business.

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The Instant Cleaning Business Model

The ability to capitalise on multiple business opportunities is a crucial factor in the growth of any business. Instant Cleaning has been able to grow through taking advantage of a range of potential income streams.

University Halls of Residence

The cleaning of Student Halls of Residence has been a major contributor to the growth of Instant Cleaning and continues to represent the largest sector of our business.

Instant Cleaning are the recognised preferred supplier of cleaning services to many of the UK’s main Universities and Colleges

Domestic Cleaning

A service requested by many who simply, don’t have the time or indeed the inclination to carry out the cleaning chores themselves. Instant Cleaning can undertake;

  • An initial Clean
  • Daily Clean
  • Weekly Clean
  • Fortnightly Clean
  • Monthly Clean
  • One Off Clean

In fact anything to suit our client’s needs!

Commercial Cleaning

All commercial businesses have a duty to provide their employees with a safe clean workplace. This is the reason that so many commercial businesses seek third party partners such as Instant Cleaning to take responsibility for the overall cleanliness of their premises. This sector provides regular long term income.

Deep Clean

Deep cleaning refers to the process which goes above and beyond the usual clean and ensures that all areas of client’s location are maintained in a safe and hygienic manner. Clients can be sure that Instant Cleaning’s staff will do a thorough and professional job.

Franchising - Some Facts and Frequently Asked Questions

Some of you may know a great deal about franchising, some will know a little and you may be someone who knows nothing at all or worse, has negative thoughts about it due to previous mis-information. Whatever category you fall into we thought that the following information and questions may help you in your decision making process.

The Facts about Franchising in the UK

The information listed below is taken from the latest NatWest/British Franchise Association survey into franchising which provides the most comprehensive data available about the sector.

The above facts may be interesting but do they give you reasons to buy a franchise? Well maybe not. However the survey highlighted the following three facts which add weight to the argument that you should seriously consider becoming a franchisee;

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What exactly is a Franchise?

The term ‘Franchise’ is associated with a number of business models from rail franchises to film franchises. Instant Cleaning is classified as a Business Format Franchise. This means that, as the franchisee, you own 100% of the business.

As your franchisor we will grant you the rights to trade in an exclusive territory, where you will be the only Instant Cleaning Franchisee operating, under a five year licence, with two automatic renewal rights.

In return you will agree to trade under our brand name, utilise the business format, operating structures and methods that have made us successful and pay us an initial joining fee and monthly fees which we will explain in detail later in this document.

Why don’t I just start my own Cleaning Business?

You could of course decide to do just that. Many people have started up on their own and many have failed (around 50% of stand-alone start ups fail within 5 years). Compare this figure to the success rate of franchised businesses as shown in the NatWest/bfa Survey and you will see why a franchise model represents a much lower risk for you and your money.

When buying an Instant Cleaning Franchise you are replicating a business model that we have already proved works. Have we made mistakes along the way? Well yes of course, but you won’t make those same mistakes. Our training and support will make sure of that.

You will have access to our dedicated booking and management systems, cleaning methods, website and the marketing techniques that have helped us to grow. Starting a business on your own is tough and challenging. As an Instant Cleaning franchisee we will always be there to provide help, support and guidance when needed.

Are you the ‘part owner’ of my business?

As we said above 100% of the business belongs to you. Our fees are based on a percentage of your turnover and once your usual ongoing overheads are deducted you keep all of the business profits. Successful franchisees should look to grow their businesses, create attractive incomes for themselves and at some point in the future, achieve a profitable exit strategy by selling their franchise with our approval.

You take most of my income don’t you?

This is another common misconception. Our initial fee covers your Licence to trade under our name and systems and whilst it is paid upfront it averages out at just over £12.00 per week assuming you renew your franchise for the additional terms. The rest of the upfront fee is accounted for by the launch package and training that we will give to you. In terms of ongoing fees 8p from every £1.00 that you turnover comes to us in the form of a management fee. An additional 1p per £1.00 will be charged as a marketing fee but we must spend this purely on marketing the Instant Cleaning brand which benefits your business. All franchised businesses have to work financially for both the franchisee and the franchisor or else the whole business model would fail.

What if I need funding to get started?

Banks, as we have previously mentioned, are particularly willing to lend to franchised businesses. Typically they will lend around 50% of the required capital which would include the initial amount to purchase the franchise plus required working capital. As well as the major High Street Banks we have excellent relationships with alternate funding sources all of whom are supportive to franchised businesses.

The Instant Cleaning Franchise Model

Instant Cleaning offer the opportunity for you to own a Management Franchise. A Management Franchise, unlike many other kinds of franchise doesn’t require you, as our franchisee, to personally carry out the day to day cleaning activities of the business. As the business owner your role will be to manage the complete operation.

The role of an Instant Cleaning franchisee is both challenging and rewarding. Your responsibilities will be diverse including, hiring, training and organising your teams of cleaning staff, marketing for customers, pricing contracts as well as the general administration associated with owning a business.

Training and Support

We don’t expect you to be the ‘finished article’ when you join Instant Cleaning’. One of the main reasons that people opt for a franchise model is the fact that they will receive training and ongoing support from their franchisor. Our induction training will give you the knowledge that you need to get started.

Registering your business, understanding our cleaning methods and the correct use of products are all covered in your initial training. Recruiting cleaning operatives, marketing for clients and how to use our bespoke management system will also be covered. We will ensure that you are confident with every aspect of being an Instant Cleaning owner prior to starting to trade.

Our support doesn’t stop there however. Our commitment is to work with you during the lifetime of your franchise keeping you updated with any developments or innovations within our industry. Supporting our franchisees is key to the success and growth of the Instant Cleaning brand.

The Numbers

The costs and potential income associated with owning an Instant Cleaning franchise are as follows;

Licence Fee - £9,950 – Grants you an exclusive territory under a 5 year licence with 2 X automatic renewal rights.

Management Service Fee – 8% of gross turnover

Marketing Levy – 1% of gross turnover (used exclusively for brand marketing)

Recommended Initial Capital - £33,000 (includes working capital)

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Turnover £ 118,000 £ 161,000 £ 340,000 £ 508,000 £ 727,000
Gross Profit £ 41,000 £ 60,000 £ 129,000 £ 183,000 £ 247,000
Pre-Tax Profit £ 12,000 £ 29,000 £ 76,000 £ 115,000 £ 156,000

The above are projections only. They are not meant to be taken as guarantees of future earnings and profits. These will be determined by the efforts of all franchisees.

Overheads will vary depending on the location of your franchise. We will be happy to discuss individual cases when we meet.

Could it be you?

The overall success of our business will rely on us granting licences to the ‘right’ franchisees. We need to be sure that you are the right person to operate under our brand name and in turn, you need to be confident that Instant Cleaning is the best franchise for you.

As we indicated previously, we are not looking for ‘great cleaners’ to become franchisees. As our model is a management franchise it is likely that, at some point in your career history you will have managed and organised teams of people. Whilst ‘sector’ experience is not necessary (our training will cover all that you need to know) strong management and leadership ability will be crucial, as people management and motivation will be key elements in the success of your business. As with any business owner, you should be comfortable with the financial management of your franchise through monthly managed accounts and P&L reports.

Finally and crucially we seek individuals who take pride in the service that they are providing and who can help us achieve our mission of becoming;

A national market leader in the provision of cleaning services delivering reliable, quality, cost effective cleaning solutions to our customers

If you think that you fit the bill then we would welcome an opportunity to talk to you.

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The Next Steps

I hope that the information on our Franchise Website has helped you to decide that you want to find out more and that you are ready to move to the next stage. If you think that owning an Instant Cleaning Management Franchise could be the right opportunity for you then we’d be glad to discuss it further


If you haven’t already made an enquiry to find out more about the Instant Cleaning franchise opportunity, please take a couple of minutes to fill out the short pop up form by clicking the Enquiry Button at the top


The next step to finding out whether this opportunity may be something that you’d be interested in looking into further is to contact Bill Hendrie our Franchise Consultant on 07733 590 706 or e-mail him at bill.hendrie@thefranchisingcentre.uk


Meeting with the franchisor is an important step, and will ensure that you start to get all the really important and confidential information that I cannot give you on the phone or by email.


This stage focuses on arranging finance, and general due diligence. You will review the Franchise Agreement. We also assess you followed by a booked call to discuss feedback, answer questions, check aims and objectives, before we make a provisional offer of territory. If you are ready to proceed, you will pay a deposit and continue with your due diligence, carry out territory research, reviewing the legal contract, looking at your funding requirements. There is plenty of contact with us at this stage as we help you with your research and planning but there won’t be any high pressure sales – we want you to be absolutely ready to buy a franchise with Instant Cleaning and comfortable with your decision to move ahead.


Once all your due diligence has been carried out, and you have sorted out your finances, we will both sign the Franchise Agreement. Your training start date will have been agreed and before you know it, you will be on your training and well on your way to becoming an Instant Cleaning franchisee. We will be supporting you all the way, as you progress on your Franchisee Journey.

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