Instant Cleaning Services UK  is a company operating underuthe UK Instant Services Ltd with a long experience in cleaning houses, offices, factories,administrative buildings, construction sites and office equipment.

The company was founded by dedicated team, aiming at winning a leading position on the UK market. In response to the high  demand of rapid quality services, Instant Cleaning UK  uses new equipment and innovative methods, which results in perfection and competent job fulfillment. Bearing in mind  that our clients’ time is precious, we are bound to stick on with the predefined requirements considering time…

Based in the heart of Leicestershire our remit are UK wide.Founded in 2012 by a dedicated team in response to the high demand for our rapid quality services,Instant cleaning services UK uses the very latest equipment and innovative methods which results in pure perfection and competent fulfillment.

We operate sever offices in the midland

Leicestershire                West Midlands                       West midlands               Lincoln – Lincolnshire 

25 Church Gate                   Stamford House                          21 Lakeside Close               24 Belmont Street

Leicester                                2 Waterloo Road                          Willenhall                           Lincoln

LE1 3AL                               Wolverhampton                           WV13 3AL                            LN2 5LS

Tel: 0333144084                 WV1 4BL                                       Tel: 01902248128              Tel: 03301130071

Tel: 03301133562